Magic-Pro ProMini Gs140 GaN 3 PD + QC3.0 140W 充電器

Input: AC100V-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.8A max.

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  • With the advanced GaN technology, ProMini Gs140 is designed to be the alternatives to traditional chargers, by performing powerful output for multiple devices in a much compact and convenient size.
  • Tri-PD + QC GaN 140W* Charging Station.
  • Supports Power Delivery 3.0 (PD) / PPS / SCP / QC3.0 fast charge.
  • Quad-output - USB-C1 PD 100W, USB-C2 PD 100W, USB-C3 PD 30W, USB-A 30W individually.
  • Charge up 2 MacBook Pro, keeping both fast charge with PD65W.
  • Charges 4 devices simultaneously, USB-C1 port keeps PD65W output
  • Total output up to 130W. ( Max.140W*)
  • Compatible with the new USB-C PD devices such as the Apple Macbook Pro 16"/15" and other devices powered by USB-C connector.
  • Supports Samsung Super Fast Charge PPS 45W / 25W & Huawei SCP 5A super charge.
  • Supports the iPhone 12 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 – PD20W PD fast charge.
  • Fast charging for P40 Pro / Galaxy S20 Ultra/ Nintendo Switch (TV-mode) etc.
  • Device connection Auto-Detect, power On/Off automatically.
  • Multiple safety protection, prevent Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature and Short Circuit.
  • Worldwide use with AC input 100V-240V
  • UK plug has passed BS1363 test, compliance with Hong Kong safety standard.
  • Certified compliance with IEC62368-1, complies with the safety standards of the Electrical Mechanical Services Department.
  • Covered by Global products liability insurance.

Specification :

Input: AC100V-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.8A max.

Single Output

USB-C1: DC3.3V-21V⎓5A,5V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,12V⎓3A,15V⎓3A,20V⎓5A       100W max.

USB-C2: DC3.3V-21V⎓5A,5V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,12V⎓3A,15V⎓3A,20V⎓5A       100W max.

USB-C3: DC3.3V-21V⎓3A,5V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,12V⎓2.5A,15V⎓2A,20V⎓1.5A 30W max.

USB-A: DC4.5V⎓5A,5V⎓4.5A,5V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,12V⎓2.5A,20V⎓1.5A 30W max.

Dual Output

USB-C1+USB-C2: 65W+65W 130W max.

USB-C1+USB-C3: 100W+30W 130W max.

USB-C1+USB-A: 100W+30W 130W max.

USB-C2+USB-C3: 100W+30W 130W max.

USB-C2+USB-A: 100W+30W 130W max.

USB-C3+USB-A: DC5V3A 15W max.    



USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-C3: 65W+30W+30W

USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A: 65W+30W+30W

USB-C1+(USB-C3+USB-A): 100W+(15W)

USB-C2+(USB-C3+USB-A): 100W+(15W)


USB-C1+USB-C2+(USB-C3+USB-A): 65W+30W+(15W)

Total Output: 130W (Max.140W*)

Dimension: 89.5 x 61 x 29.5mm

Weight: 225g

Package contains

- ProMini Gs140

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