MOFT Snap Tablet Stand 支架 [3色]


我們按照 MOFT 的創始理念創造了 Snap Tablet Stand:安裝時看不見,使用時感覺不到,攜帶時不被注意。

通用兼容性的 Magic Snap 平板電腦貼紙,柔軟且可重複使用的創新 Snap 平板電腦貼紙是一種前所未有的貼紙,可作為 Snap 平板電腦支架的連接點,可以快速打開和關閉。


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World's First Tablet Stand Switch-friendly with the Magic Keyboard and more

As fantastic as the Magic Keyboard is, it doesn’t work well for reading and pencil-heavy work due to its sole landscape orientation. For road warriors with a tablet to efficiently switch between creating and working, we created the Snap Tablet Stand following the founding philosophy of MOFT: unseen when attached, unfelt when in use, unnoticed when carried.

Leaves no residue

Magic Snap Tablet Sticker for Universal Compatibility

Soft and reusable, the innovative Snap Tablet Sticker is a never-seen-before sticker as an attachment point for the Snap Tablet Stand, allowing you to swiftly snap on and off whatever tablet you have with you.

Portrait-friendly for reading and drawing on the iPad

Unlock “After the Magic Keyboard” experience

To immerse in the world of digital reading, detach from the landscaped-fixed keyboard and snap the stand on your iPad. The 60° portrait mode transforms your natural viewing experience in no time.

Bounce between other tablet accessories and the Snap Stand for more convenient uses

A whole new way to attach a stand to your tablet -- instant detach-and-switch.

Posture Correct

6 viewing angles in 2 orientations

It's a new tablet-posture experience to liberate your body. The added viewing modes feel more natural and intuitive for your body and posture for writing, sketching and browsing on your tablet, no matter where you are.


Attaches to the Magic Keyboard when closed

Ease of organization and carrying

The seamless attachment allows you to take it anywhere with your tablet or together with the Magic Keyboard. Grab them all before hitting the road for an all-in-one portable work setup.

Smooth texture

Feels great in your hand, looks good with your tablet

Its vegan leather offers you a soft feel and adds style to your tablet. Express yourself through one of 4 bold colors such as: the energetic Sunset Orange or the sophisticated Wanderlust Blue.

MOFT Snap System

After the wildly popular MOFT Snap Phone Stand & Wallet, MOFT Snap System is created as an all-new line up with seamless magnetic-like designed innovation. To enable users of any device model to enjoy the MagSafe experience and expand the functionality of their devices, we introduce the MOFT Snap Tablet Sticker and MOFT Magnetic Wall Sticker.

Residue-free Snap Tablet Sticker to use with any tablet

At 0.0 3in/ 0.08 mm, the Snap Sticker is butter-soft, reusable and wireless charging compatible. Its magnetic-like properties enable the Tablet Stand to fit all kinds of tablets.

Magnetic Wall Sticker to use it anywhere

Keep the Snap Sticker at the back of your tablet and couple it with our Magnetic Wall Sticker to snap your tablet onto any surface for new ways to experience your tablet from any corner of your home.

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